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Creality’s Ender 3 series consistently delivers great print quality right out of the box. However, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your 3D printer and there are several Creality Ender 3 Pro / V2 upgrades and mods that can enhance these machines even further.


Creality 3D® Small Enclosure: Aluminum Foil Insulation Cover with Flame Retardant for Ender 3/Pro/V2

Worried that your print quality coming from the open-framed Ender 3 Pro / V2 could be negatively affected by the external environment? Relax, because the 3D printer enclosure is here!

Creality has created this quick and easy to build 3D printer enclosure to improve the overall printing experience – both for you and the machine itself. This upgrade is easy to install, can be folded away for efficient storage and is even equipped with useful pockets to hold necessary tools. You can easily access the printer by unzipping the front of the enclosure, which features a see-through screen for easy monitoring.

The primary purpose of the 3D printer enclosure is to help maintain a constant temperature inside of the print chamber while also keeping unwanted external influences out. Overall, this serves to improve both print quality and stability. Featuring an interior made from flame-retardant aluminium film, Creality claims that it can prevent any potential fire from spreading outside of the enclosure. On top of that, it also reduces noise from the printer, provides extra breathing room for the machine and is also dust-proof.

Compatible withEnder 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2.

Creality 3D® 12/24V Blue Violet High-Power Laser Engraving Module For Creality 3D Printers

You can also transform your Ender into a laser engraver with this fascinating upgrade. For compatibility with the Ender 3, you’ll need the 24V option and according to the manufacturer, this upgrade should be relatively easy to both attach and operate. Users also have the ability to adjust the laser head according to the working distance. Other features include a cooling DC fan, fast heat dissipation, low noise, magnet absorption, and more.

Compatible with: Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2.

Creality Silver MK8 All Metal Extruder + 4Pcs Red Metal Hand Twist Bed Leveling Nuts + 4Pcs Bed Leveling Springs for Creality Ender / CR-10 Series
While the Ender 3s all require manual bed leveling, this often daunting process is made easy thanks to the large leveling nuts located underneath the build plate. However, the stock bed leveling nuts are made of plastic, giving a flimsy, unstable feel to the whole process. Creality has decided to address this weakness by creating metal bed leveling nuts.

Currently, this Creality Ender 3 upgrade only comes in a eye-catching, fiery red colour, but even if you don’t like that bright red, you’re bound to appreciate the extra stability and strength these metal knobs provide.

The plastic feeder assembly that comes on the stock Ender 3 is a bit underwhelming. This all-metal feeder assembly is an original MK8 extruder made from aluminum, a major upgrade over the cheaper plastic that comes with most Creality 3D printers.

Installing an all-metal feeder assembly will provide more stability and durability to your Ender. This particular kit includes a filament guide tube, all screws, spare drive gear, and improved Bowden tube fitting. It’s also tremendously easy to install, so there’s really no reason not to add this upgrade to your machine!

It might seem insignificant, but the springs installed on your 3D printer can significantly influence both print quality and stability. Changing out the stock springs on the Ender print bed will allow you to print at higher speeds without having to worry about any wobbling.

Compatible with: Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2.

Dual Z-axis Upgrade Kit for Creality 3D Ender Series 3D Printer Use with Single Stepper Motor Dual Z Tension Pulley Set
A modification designed to help cut down on the amount of vibration and unwanted movements in the X-axis, the Ender 3 dual Z-axis upgrade can be a bit of a job to install but should ultimately be rewarding.

It requires no wiring, but it will mean that you have to move the location of your PSU. We’ve put together a little guide on this mod for you though, so at least you won’t have to go through this alone. We got you.

Compatible with: Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2.

TF-to-SD / Micro SD-to-SD Card Adapter Converter Kit 48cm Long For 3D Printer
If you want more flexibility when it comes to loading your SD card into your Ender 3, check out this SD card extension cable / adapter kit. It’s easy to install and use, but one reviewer on Creality’s website recommends 3D printing a case to make it easier to insert the micro SD card so you don’t have to feel like you’re playing a game of Operation every time you want to start a new print.

As you’ll see in 3D printable mods and upgrades later on in this list, there are other DIY approaches you can take as well, but if you’re willing to spend a few quid for an official SD card upgrade, this could be right up your street.

Compatible with: Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2.

ANTCLABS V3.1 Smart BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kit for Ender / CR-10 Series 3D Printers - BL Touch / BL-Touch
The Creality Ender 3s typically offer a lot of unique perks for such a low price point, but one feature they don’t include is auto-leveling. We all know that the manual calibration process can get tiring very quickly and it’s for that reason the BLTouch auto-leveling sensor is a terrific Creality Ender 3 upgrade.

The BLTouch can be added to a wide range of 3D printers and offers various smart functions, self-testing techniques, alarm, alarm release, and test mode. By adding this upgrade to your machine, you’ll reduce calibration time and frustration, making it well worth consideration.

While the assembly and programming process for the BLTouch is a bit time-consuming, it’s well worth it if you plan on using your 3D printer for a long time.

If you require assistance with the physical install or firmware upgrade please contact -

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.


Let’s face it, we can’t always be around to supervise our 3D printer. That’s why OctoPrint has become the standard for makers who want to monitor and control their 3D printer remotely, but to run this terrific web interface, you’ll need to purchase a Raspberry Pi board.

OctoPrint will allow you to control and observe your 3D printer from within a web browser and it’s 100 percent open source, which has led to a plethora of unique plugins created by the vast Ender community. On the browser, you can watch prints through an embedded webcam feed, control print temperatures, obtain feedback on current print status and even start and pause your printer no matter where you are.

The setup process is pretty easy, and all of the details you need can be found on the OctoPrint website.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.

Creality 3D® Black Glass Hot-Bed / Heated Bed Platform for Ender-3, Ender-3X, Ender-3 Pro & Ender-5
This glass print bed can be used to replace the stock print bed of your Ender 3 / Pro, improving adhesion and increasing the range of materials you can print with. On top of that, using a glass bed also leaves the bottom of your prints with a smoother surface – a welcome benefit for those who value visual quality. It’ll also save you time and effort, as instead of scraping away blue tape and glue, a glass bed can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe of isopropyl alcohol.

Depending on your Ender 3 model, this might be a worthy upgrade.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.

Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Kit for Creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro / CR-10 / CR10S / CR20 / Ender 5 3D Printers
This is a drop in All Metal Conversion kit that requires absolutely zero modification to your printer to install. Micro Swiss uniquely designed cooling block eliminates need for a thermal tube. By not having a separate thermal tube inside the cooling block, it allows for faster heat dissipation.

Thermal heat break is made from Titanium Alloy to provide excellent thermal isolation between heater and cooling block. Titanium is extremely strong material and offers almost 3x lower thermal conductivity than stainless steel, creating more defined melt zone.

CNC Machined and Assembled in USA.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.

Hardened Steel V6 Nozzle For High Temperature 3D Printing 0.4 or 0.6mm
If you’re planning to print with specialty filaments like carbon fiber, metal, or wood, upgrading your nozzle will ensure that your Ender can handle the job. This high-quality Hardened Tool Steel Nozzle is plated with TwinClad XT, a nickel composite designed to be hard and resist corrosion.

Not only that, this upgrade will greatly improve the longevity of your nozzle, so it’s especially worth investing in for those who use their printer consistently.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.

Stepper Motor Vibration Shock Absorber Damper with Black Heat Sink for Nema17 Stepper Motor
These Nema17 Stepper Dampers can be used to decrease the noise and resonance of your 3D printer. When used on the X and Y-axis steppers, these dampers can reduce the noise of your printer by 5 – 10db. You can mount a damper onto each stepper motor, which will ultimately help reduce vibration and noise from the rumbling printer.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.

Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing XS Series + PC4-M6 Quick Fitting & PC4-M10 Straight Pneumatic Push Fitting for 3D Printer 1.75mm Filament
It might not seem like the most critical upgrade for your Ender, but replacing the stock tubing with the Capricorn Bowden PTFE Tubing can go along way. The tubing is designed with an extremely precise internal diameter, making it easier for you to print with flexible filaments. This particular piece of tubing measures one meter in length and is enhanced with a proprietary blend of high-performance additives.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.


High quality ultra low profile bed clips for holding glass / aluminium / magnetic to a 3D printers heat-bed. Ideal for RepRap, Rostock, Prusa, Creality, Mendel, Anycubic, etc.

✔️ Ultra low profile, clean appearance
✔️ With just 4mm edge contact these are much less likely to contact nozzle
✔️ Will not pop off / cause damage

These are by far the best clips for a 3D printers heated bed when using glass or any other removable build plate as your print surface.

Compatible with: Ender 3Ender 3 ProEnder 3 V2.