Superstrata Create a New 3D Printed Carbon Fibre Electric Bike - PrinterMods UK Ltd

The holy grail of designing an electric bike is increasingly seeing whether or not people notice that it even is electrified - the sleeker and more unobtrusive the battery compartment can be, the better.

Superstrata, very much the definition of a trendy Bay Area startup, looks like it's reached that threshold, though, with its newly announced bike, which is a beautiful bit of custom 3D-printed carbon fibre kit.

With a racing style and unique frame shape, this is a seriously attractive bike, and it comes with electrification to give you a handy boost as you ride, provided you plump for the more expensive version, called Ion. The non-electrified version is called Terra and is unsurprisingly cheaper.

Both are apparently custom-printed in industrial-grade carbon fibre to fit your frame, so that people of all heights and sizes can use the bikes.

The Ion benefits from pedal assist that can take you up to 32KM/H (depending on local regulations), an impressive speed, and with a frame that weighs just 1.7KG is also impressively light compared to much of the market. It's got a range of around 92KM, also a very solid number in comparison to the average.

The Superstrata isn't even striking out too far at the top of the price range for the market, coming in at $3,000 (around £2,400), which is very much where many e bikes end up landing.

Still, it'll be interesting to see if it can make waves in a market that's seeing huge spikes in interest as people turn to new ways of commuting and travelling.