With the recent surge in popularity of 3D printers, there is now a wider variety of printers on the market than ever before. This has drastically increased the accessibility and affordability of 3D printing, so much so that more people are now proud owners of 3D printers than ever before- novices and professionals alike.

As a result, demand for 3D printer repairs have increased exponentially. Below is a sample of our most popular repair services.

3D Printer Build and Test

Want to assess the build quality of your machine? You probably want some expert eyes on that. Leave it to us to set up your 3D printer and then subject it to a series of rigorous tests to measure its overhangs, bridges, stringing, extrusion, temperature, belt tension, accuracy, vibration, detailing, and more. At the end, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report of its performance.

Fix Clogs

If your prints have seemed stringy, sparse, and low quality recently, you may be suffering from a clogged nozzle. We use several strategies to fix your clogs without damaging the nozzle- and we can do it in record time to get you back to printing ASAP.

Install BL-Touch Auto Bed Leveling

Manually leveling your 3D printer’s bed can be tedious and in some cases extremely hard, but an even bed is non-negotiable if you want a quality print. Skip the hassle of manually levelling a bed by using a BL-Touch and then sit back and let us do the hard work of its installation.

Firmware Updates

For the best prints, you want the best firmware. It’s important to keep your firmware up to date to continue to ensure your printer’s optimal operation, but it can be incredibly complex to install. We’re happy to do the installation for you so you can skip the headache.

Printer Maintenance and Cleaning

Proper maintenance includes a lot of tools and materials- save money and time by letting us maintain and clean your 3D printer. You’ll notice improved print quality and longevity of your printer.

Hot-end Replacement

Hot-ends are integral to any print job, so it’s important to keep it in top condition. We can replace them for you anytime!

Nozzle Swaps

Nozzle swaps can be tricky to pull off without burning yourself or damaging your printer. Let our experts take care of your nozzle replacements, if only to save your fingers.

Diagnostic Services

Not sure what’s wrong? Our team has many years of experience troubleshooting 3D printer problems. We can figure out precisely what’s wrong, get straight to work on repairing it, and have it back in your hands in no time.

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