Nema17 59Ncm 2A 1.84-lead 48mm Stepper Motor For 3D Printer CNC

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Material: Metal
Dimensions: 42x42x48mm/1.65”x1.65”x1.88”
Phase Number: 2
Step Angle: 1.8°±5%
Rated Voltage: 2.8V
Holding Torque: ≧5 Kg-cm(70 Oz-in)
Rated Current: 2.0A
Resistance(20℃): 1.4±10%?/phase
Max. Slewing PPS: 2500 PPS
HI-POT: AC 600V/1mA/1S
Rotor Inertia: 68g.cm2
Inductance: 3.0±20%mH
Detent Torque: 2.0Kg-cm
Insulation Resistance: ≧100M?(DC 500V)
Leads: 4
Application: Use for 3D printer, Linear actuators and CNC router for plastic & metal.

Package Includes:
1 x Nema17 Stepper Motor

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