Titan Extruder + Nema17 Stepper Motor Kit For V6 Hotends Upgraded 3D Printer UK

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The upgraded Titan extruder advantages:

✔️ Feeding torque is large.
✔️ Product is compact and light.
✔️ Support remote and short-distance feeding.
✔️ Strong compatibility (can used with all the filaments of 1.75mm in the market, and mainly optimized the performance of the remote printing with the flexible filament such as the TPU.)
✔️ Using with the high-strength engineering materials injection molding products that resistant to aging.
✔️ For the gear reducer structure, the motor is lightweight and little, but with outstanding torque and resolution. The feeding speed is more stable to improve the print quality and effectively reduce the overall weight.


✔️ Product Name: Titan Extruder
✔️ Type: V6 Bowden Extruder
✔️ Filament diameter: 1.75mm
✔️ Working voltage: 12V.
✔️ Suit for: 34mm Nema 17 Stepper Motor

The new Titan extruder compared to the old one:
✔️ Cancel the M3 screw at the red circle arrow position.
✔️ The extrusion feed gear is changed to the integrated injection molding, which makes it stable.
✔️ Redesign and strengthen the force position. The structure of the new Titan is more reliable and more durable.
✔️ Hand-tightening screw. With integrated injection molding looks beautiful and the product body is more coordinated and low cost.

About the trigger part:

Optimize the trigger finger position to use more conveniently and more labor-saving.
Optimized the feeding port guide to facilitate direct loading of filaments. (The original version is 4mm large hole with outer diameter 4*2mm Teflon tube, the feeding is easy to be misplaced)
Use U-slot guide wheel design, which makes the feeding without deviation to reduce the torque and no loss of the extrusion gear.
The new version have been optimize the question that Serious loss of the motor when the torque is severe and the motor will be locked and not work.
The new bearing can effectively avoid the friction between the rubber hole and the motor shaft, and reduce the torque loss caused by the hole lock the motor due to the rubber parts, and it can effectively protect the rubber parts from damage.

Package Includes:

1 x Unassembled Titan Extruder Kit
1 x Stepper Motor

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