10pcs Transparent Pulley Wheel with 625zz Double Bearing

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If you're looking for a reliable and durable pulley wheel for your 3D printer then look no further. This set of 10 pulley wheels are made of high quality transparent plastic that won't easily break. The 625zz double bearing ensures smooth and precise operation, and the V-slot design makes them compatible with many different types of 3D printer such as the popular Creality Ender-3 series. This set of 10 pulley wheels is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and durable solution for their 3D printer.


✔️ Material: Polycarbonate
✔️ Outer Diameter: 24mm, Inner diameter: 5mm, Height: 11mm
✔️ Quantity: 10pcs
✔️ Application: Used for 3D Printers
✔️ Net Weight: 14g/pcs

Package Includes:

10 x Transparent Pulley Wheels with 625zz Double Bearing

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