5pcs Creality 3D® Mechanical End Stop Limit Switch for Ender / CR Series 3D Printers

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Limit switches (also known as end stop switches) are a crucial component in any 3D Printer. Most 3D Printer owners know the trouble and pain of ordering replacement components which normally goes hand in hand with waiting 4-8 weeks for delivery from China.

Not anymore! These limit switches are located in the UK and are ready to post the same day!

Don't wait weeks to replace your limit switch and keep a spare handy, you never know when it might stop working.


✔️ 3Pin mechanical limit switch for 3D Printer.
✔️ Compatible with CR-10 Series, Ender-3, or other 3D printer.
✔️ Small and compact size, easy installation, just plug and play.
✔️ 100% Creality original limit switch
✔️ Whether for spares or repairs this item will work perfect with your 3D printer.


Type: Limit Switch (3pin)
Quantity: 1pcs
Suitable: For CR-10 Series and Ender-3
Max Voltage: 250V
Switch Size (each one): 2.5 * 2 * 0.7cm / 1.0 * 0.8 * 0.3in
Switch Weight (each one): 2.7g / 0.09oz

Package Includes:

5 x Creality 3D® Mechanical Endstop Limit Switch

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