UM2 Ultimaker V2 Integrated Circuit Mainboard with OLED Screen Kit for 3D Printer

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The Ultimaker 2 motherboard is based on the ATmega 2560+16U2 main chip platform, integrated 5-channel A4988 stepper driver circuit board / interface board integrated SD card slot + code navigation button + liquid crystal display.


✔️ Based on MEGA2560, provides higher stability and performance.
✔️ Supports dual-colour printing.
✔️ Works with 19-24DC power supply.
✔️ x3 Temperature sensor (PT100,-200-650 degree).
✔️ INA826 chip, higher precision and excellent anti-interference.
✔️ x3 endstops, default 0.
✔️ Extendable ANALOG IN ports and I/O pin on the board for self-development.
✔️ x2 Safety switch which can work with smoke sensors.
✔️ Fan ports. Including: Adjustable fan ports (J14,FAN PWM ,24V); 5V fan (J34, FAN 5V). 24V fan (J20,FAN 19-24V).
✔️ Adjustable LED port (J15,LED PWM,24v).
✔️ Material: PCB

Package Includes:

1 x Mainboard
1 x OLED display
1 x Adapter plate
1 x USB
2 x Flat Cable

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