Creality 3D® Ender 6 3D Printer (250x250x400mm Build Volume) Upgraded Enclosed Structure / Ultra Silent Motherboard

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The Creality Ender 6 is brand new to the Ender series. With a large print space of 250 x 250 x 400 mm, the Ender 6 is placed between the Ender 5 series and the CR-10 series. The metal frame has been completely redesigned with acrylic glass covers on the sides, which ensure more stable temperatures in the print chamber and thus significantly improves the print quality.

High printing speed and precision:

Compared to conventional 3D printers, the Ender 6, according to the manufacturer, achieves a printing speed of up to max. 150 mm / s and a precision of 0.1 mm. This is possible thanks to the stable Core-XY structure with new high-quality components.

Intelligent features:

The Creality Ender 6 is equipped with a filament sensor and a resume print function. If the filament accidentally runs out or an unexpected power failure occurs, you can easily and conveniently resume printing. This saves you valuable material and time.

Low noise:

The Ender 6 is equipped with high-quality TMC2208 motion controllers, which ensure low-noise printing and very precise movements.

Simple and efficient:

All connection cables are neatly installed, which ensures simple assembly and efficient maintenance. In addition, a large, ergonomic rotary knob makes it easier to level the build plate.

Other features:

✔️ High quality power supply
✔️ Larger print space of 250 x 250 x 400 mm
✔️ 4.3 inch touch screen
✔️ New user interface
✔️ High precision
✔️ New design
✔️ Carborundum glass plate

Package Includes:

1 x Creality 3D® Ender 6 3D Printer

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