Blue High Quality PTFE Bowden Tube (Various Sizes Available 1-5M)

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Our bowden tubes are made from high quality PTFE which offers very low internal friction and high temperature resistance. It's the perfect replacement for your old worn or damaged bowden tube. It's made with a 4mm outer diameter, and 1.9mm inner diameter for a tighter fit.

With low friction tubing minimal extrusion force is wasted pushing/pulling the filament through the PTFE tube. It will allow you to reduce your retraction slightly thanks to the tighter internal diameter and print with higher temperatures when using the stock Creality hotend.

Product Features:

✔️ Suitable for any 3D Printer that uses 4mm bowden tube and 1.75mm filament
✔️ Internal diameter of 1.9mm +- 0.05mm
✔️ Low friction

Package includes:

High Quality Blue PTFE Bowden Tubing

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