Loctite Extreme Tape Black 30M Waterproof, Extra Thick Strong Tape, Easy to Tear

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Loctite Extreme 30 Metre Repair Tape is waterproof, extra-thick and easy to tear. Don't waste time on repair jobs with weak tape. The extra sticky, double-thick adhesive tape is well-prepared for a range of materials including rough and uneven surfaces, making repairs simple and effective.

The powerful repair tape is double-thick for high-strength repairs, with extreme resistance. It ensures persistent and long-lasting strong bonds on most materials, making it ideal for even most of the toughest of repairs. The strength adhesive can be used by almost anyone – just tear off the tape by hand – use several layers of tape to achieve the best results and apply at room temperature.

Package Includes:

1 x Loctite Extreme Tape Black 30M

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