Mayku FormBox Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine - Make Moulds in a Matter of Minutes Using a Household Vacuum


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The Mayku FormBox puts the power of making in your hands. Powered by any vacuum cleaner, it works with a range of materials and helps you to bring your creative ideas to life.

Whether you're crafting by hand or partnering a 3D printer, the FormBox should be an essential part of your very own desktop production line. The FormBox is ideal for home, classroom or small business use. It's safe and easy to operate and can be used to make almost anything.

Use food safe plastics to create customised chocolates or sweets, make your own candles, soaps or plastic parts for your creations. You can cast in plaster, concrete, resin or just about anything else you can think of.

Integrate with CAD/CAM
Design moulds using your favourite CAD tool and CAM machine such as a 3D printer or CNC milling machine.

Make moulds by hand
If CAD is not your thing and you prefer crafting by hand, then try making moulds from wood, clay, cardboard or even carved from a potato!

In addition to the FormBox vacuum former, there are packs of transparent food-safe sheets and white HIPS sheets available.

Prototype at Speed
Rapidly create product prototypes with high quality finishes to show your clients your vision, in real life.

Choose From a World of Materials
Bring your ideas into the real world in hundreds of different ways by choosing from a huge range of sheet materials. Make the way you want to.

Turbocharge your 3D printer
Pioneer the future of desktop manufacturing. Partner the FormBox with your 3D printer to create professional batches of products from your studio.

Small Footprint, Big Power
The FormBox gives you advanced manufacturing technology in a space no larger than a laptop, giving you and your business the space you need to grow.

Precision Control
Take control over your making with precise time and temperature settings - for consistent mold making, every time.

Making Made Simple
The FormBox has been meticulously designed to make a complex process as simple as possible, leaving you to focus on your ideas. It’s making, made simple.

Vacuum Power
Plug any vacuum cleaner into the FormBox and use its suction to kickstart your own desktop factory.

Auto Switch
The FormBox has an internal auto-vacuum system, simply plug your vacuum cleaner into the port on the back and the suction will start exactly when you need it - magical making.


✔️ Bed size 200 x 200mm
✔️ Heater range 160 to 340°C
✔️ Compatible with PETg, HIPS, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene and acrylic PMMA from 0.25 to 1.5mm thickness
✔️ Desktop machine 466 x 274 x 315mm
✔️ Universal adaptor to fit almost any vacuum cleaner
✔️ Automatically switches vacuum on when required
✔️ Supplied with UK mains cable
✔️ 2 Year warranty
✔️ Manufacturer's part FBA180123UK

Package Includes:

Mayku FormBox
Universal adaptor to fit almost any vacuum cleaner
20 transparent cast sheets
20 white form sheets
3 starter projects
1kg of casting material
UK mains cable
Mayku 2 year extended warranty

Setup & Install:

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