3DLAC Anti Warping Adhesive Spray (400ml Compressed Gas)

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3DLAC is a high quality anti warping adhesive that you spray to your heated print bed to help your prints stick.

✔️ 3DLAC Anti Warping Spray is specifically designed for 3D Printers
✔️ Stick the first plastic layer to the bed to prevent warping and lifting..
✔️ A small simple layer of 3DLAC does not affect the first layer print quality.
✔️ Upon cooling, the printed piece is removed smooth and undamaged.
✔️ Substitute for Kapton Tape.
✔️ 400ml Spray Bottle - Compressed Gas.

3DLAC has been developed in Spain by LEON3D with the expert advice from Belloch Laboratories. His fixation formula is perfect to hold first and withdraw the piece once finished.

Package Includes:

1 x 3DLAC Anti Warping Adhesive Spray

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