ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine 405nm Resin Curing Box with Light Driven Turntable for LCD DLP SLA 3D Printed Models


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ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine 405nm Resin Curing Box with Light Driven Turntable for LCD DLP SLA 3D Printed Models

The ELEGOO Mercury UV Curing Machine outputs steady, focused and consistent UV lights to cure the models printed with photopolymer resins 360°. The post curing process increases the hardness and durability of the printed products.


  • Please do not take away the box cover while the machine is working.
  • To avoid overheating of the curing cabinet, please do not use it for more than 40 minutes at a time.
  • After the model is printed, please clean and blow-dry the model before putting it into the curing machine.
  • The recommended ambient temperature is 0-40 degrees, and the ambient humidity temperature is 20%-50%.
  • If the model become yellow after curing, please adjust the curing time. Over curing will lead to a yellowing model.

The shell of ELEGOO Mercury curing machine is made of light yet sturdy aluminum alloy with sand blasting oxidation surface. The cylinder structure design and 360° turntable enable printed objects to be covered with a full illumination range.

ELEGOO UV curing chamber comes with a reflective sheet stuck solidly inside. Thanks to the reflective sheet, the UV lights Mercury outputs are steady and focused so that it’s able to cure the printed models in a short period.

The see-through window with particular optical filtering material not only assists you to observe the curing process, but also helps keep 100% UV light away from leakage to ensure a great curing result.

Features a real-time display screen. The LED time display enable you to control the curing time conveniently. In addition, the touch-sense buttons act quickly for you to easily adjust curing time from 0s to 30 mins.

The UV LED wavelength ranges of ELEGOO Mercury Curing machine is 405nm. It is compatible with ELEGOO resin and most standard 405nm resin, suitable for most LCD, DLP, or SLA 3D Printed objects in the market.

The light powered turntable is able to absorb UV light to rotate without battery. What’s more, ELEGOO Mercury curing box adopts two 405nm LED strip (14 UV LED lights in total) in order to fast cure and evenly illuminate printed models.

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