Dual Extruder Drive Gear Wheel / Cog Upgrade Set for Prusa i3 Series 3D Printer

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This dual extruder gear kit is designed for Prusa i3 3D printers. The gears come as a set consisting of a primary drive gear with a M3 set screw, fits on a 5mm shaft with a flat side as those on standard Nema17 stepper motors. 

Manufactured from hardened steel with a protective surface treatment that will give you long lifetime and extreme reliability. A lithium based grease is recommended to use on the gear section and in side the needle bearings for low friction and to avoid wear. A small dab of grease is enough.

Package Includes:

1 x Pulley (With the lock screw)
1 x Pulley (Without the lock screw)
2 x Bearings
2 x M3nS Nuts
2 x Springs
1 x Pulley Shaft

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