Creality 3D® Ender-7 Core-XY 3D Printer (250x250x300mm Print Size) 250 mm/s High-speed/Industrial Grade Precision Set Up/Linear Rails

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Creality Ender 7 - Beyond Fast

The Creality Ender 7 convinces with precise, stable and powerful performance and offers a new experience in high-speed 3D printing with its incredibly fast printing speed of up to 250 mm / s.

Print volume: 250 x 250 x 300 mm
Print speed: Up to 250 mm/s

With the Creality Ender 7, you can enjoy the fastest 3D printing with up to 250 mm / s with high print quality.

Linear rails

The linear rails reduce vibrations, stabilises and ensures ultra-fast printing. The service life is also approx. 78509 hours.

Core XY structure

Using the Core XY structure, two parallel motors run with coordinated operation, faster speed, and higher precision.

Full metal double gear extruder and stable feeding

The volume of the melting chamber was increased to 50 mm³ and the volume of the heating block to 4000 mm³. The filaments are completely melted and deposited evenly.

The full metal extruder with double drive gear ensures a strong grip, greater and more even extrusion force and a continuous and stable feed.

Robust motors

A bespoke 42-60 high-performance stepper motor suitable for rugged performance ensures high-speed operation.

Sustained cooling despite the high temperature

The extruder fan allows a more stable feed. High-speed material double fans are designed in a butterfly-shaped wing channel. Compared to a single fan, two fans increase the total air volume by 169%, providing rapid cooling for high-speed printing models.

Path optimisation/algorithm upgrade

A fully optimised slicing path dynamically adapts the motion acceleration and deceleration algorithm to effectively ensure the quality and efficiency of the printing process.

Metal unibody design

The design of the Ender 7 is reminiscent of the majestic and solemn style of ancient Roman columns and offers a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and modern technology.

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