560pcs 2.54mm 3D Printer JST Connector Kit 2/3/4/5 Pin Housing Male and Female

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560pcs 2.54mm JST wire housing connector kit in different selections and pins, the white connectors are widely used in the 3D printing industry. This kit comes with the most common DuPont pin housings in addition to male and female crimp pins.


Material : PVC , Metal
Pin : JST-XHP 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Pin housing
Quantity : 560pcs with plastic box
Type : JST-XHP
Wire Gauge:18-26AWG
Pin Pitch of Pin Header:2.54mm
Rated Voltage: 250V
Rated Current: 3A
Working Temperature: 25~85℃

Package Includes:

20 x JST 2.54mm XHP-2 housing
20 x JST 2.54mm XHP-3 housing
20 x JST 2.54mm XHP-4 housing
20 x JST 2.54mm XHP-5 housing
20 x JST 2.54mm B2B-XH-Athrough-hole type shrouded header
20 x JST 2.54mm B3B-XH-Athrough-hole type shrouded header
20 x JST 2.54mm B4B-XH-Athrough-hole type shrouded header
20 x JST 2.54mm B5B-XH-Athrough-hole type shrouded header
200 x JST-XH Female Pin Connector 200Pcs (2.5mm)
200 x JST-XH Male Pin Connector 200Pcs (2.5mm)

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