UM3 UM2 3D Printer Ultimaker2 All-metal Double Wheel Extruder Feeder

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The UM3 Ultimaker2+ all-metal two-wheel reduction extruder is a remote extruder that can be used with flexible filament. Adopting a 1:3 deceleration, the motor torque is increased, and the two-wheel feeding is used, which greatly increases the friction, similar to the principle of the four-wheel drive of the automobile, and better grasps the filament. Make remote feeding more accurate and stable.

The extruder can be used directly with the original firmware of the UM2+, and the motor steering and extrusion value pulses are compatible with the original firmware. And with different joints, corresponding to different feeding tubes.

The stepping motor with a reduction ratio of 1:3, an extrusion wheel diameter of 8.3 mm and a step angle of 1.8 degrees has an extrusion pulse value of 369.

The extruder also uses POM D-type gears, which do not slip with the D-type motor shaft. The utility model has the advantages of high mechanical strength and rigidity; high fatigue strength; good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance; strong resistance to repeated impact; good recovery; self-lubricating and wear resistance; excellent dimensional stability . Widely used in the manufacture of gears.


Type: Ultimaker
Material: Aluminium alloy
Fit for: 3D printer/ CNC machine
Weight: 335g

Package Includes:

1 x Extruder Kit

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