MKS TFT28 V4.0 2.8" Inch Full Colour Touch Screen

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MKS TFT28 V4.0 2.8" Inch Full Colour Touch Screen

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✔️ Interface customization: three sets of themes, a variety of styles
✔️ Compatible with Marlin/Smoothieware/Repetier firmware, open source motherboard plug and play
✔️ Accidental treatment: power failure continued, breakpoint continued, broken material detection
✔️ Shutdown processing: power off save, finish shutdown
✔️ Leveling processing: automatic leveling, manual leveling, leveling wizard
✔️ Network function: WIFI module, APP, cloud printing
✔️ Function expansion up to 13 custom instructions
✔️ Authority certification: CE/Rohs certified lead-free process


Appearance size: 93mm x 80mm
Hole size: 88mm x 65mm
Microprocessor: 32-bit STM32 processor
Supports storage system: SD card, U disk
Colour touch screen: 2.8 inch touch screen
Update method: SD file update
Supports file format: G-code
Scalable module: WIFI module, shutdown module, material detection switch, power failure, external card slot

Package Includes:

1 x MKS TFT28 V4.0 2.8" Inch Full Colour Touch Screen
1 x 8 Pin Cable

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