Creality 3D® PEI Flexible Magnetic Heated Bed Build Surface (235*235mm)

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The Creality PEI Removable Magnetic Flexible Heated Bed Platform is mainly divided into 3 layers:

1. The first layer is made of PEI material which is strong, rigid and has a high temperature threshold of up to 200°C. PEI Sheets are made of Polyetherimide, a plastic polymer with impressive abrasive qualities, high durability and hardness.

2. The second layer is a flexible steel plate, which is great for adhesion. The spring steel plate is imported PEI powder coating with high strength and heat resistance. Not easily deformed.

3. The third layer is a magnetic base which has an upper magnetic surface and a lower magnetic adhesive base.


✔️ Convenient and flexible
✔️ Heat resistant to 200°C
✔️ Easy installation
✔️ Smooth finish to 3D prints
✔️ Easy to clean

Package Includes:

1 x Creality 3D® PEI Magnetic Flexible Heated Bed Build Surface (235*235mm)

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