Bowden Tube PTFE Hotend Fix Kit for Creality Ender-3/Pro/V2 | Ender-5/Pro/Plus | CR-10/S/S4/S5/Pro/V2 | CR-6 SE | CR-20

PrinterModsSKU: 12506-Ender-3-M6+M10

Model: Ender-3
Coupler Combo: 1x PC4-M10 + 1x PC4-M6
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A super simple, all-in-one kit designed to address the primary design flaw of many Creality factory hot ends by enclosing a piece of high temperature PTFE tubing between the nozzle and bowden coupler. This upgrade is tried and trusted by thousands of users, and is widely considered to be an essential upgrade to a PTFE-lined hotend.


✔️ Quick and easy install
✔️ Allows you to retain your factory PTFE tubing, even for higher temperature filaments (<260°C).
✔️ Fixes hot end under-extrusion problems and partial clogs.
✔️ Reduces back pressure in the hot end.
✔️ Upgraded metal-toothed couplers secure PTFE more firmly.
✔️ PETG printed spacer won't soften or deform at higher temperatures.

Package Includes:

1 x Precisely cut capricorn PTFE tube hot end liner
1 x PETG high temperature printed spacer
1 x PC4-M10 Metal-tooth bowden coupler for hot end
1 x PC4-M6 Metal-tooth bowden coupler for extruder
1 x Bowden collect clip

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