Creality CR-30 Extended Arms Conveyor Belt Extension Kit with Wheels

Creality 3DSKU: 12519

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The frame has been specially designed for the Creality CR-30 to improve its ability to print large and long models.

If you print many small models, this holder can be an extension of the conveyor belt, more artwork can be printed at once.

To meet the dream of unlimited hours of printing that most 3D printing lovers have, the holder kit change the traditional short Z-axis to a longer extending your printing time.

Made of high quality 304, this support frame is naturally rust-proof and wear-resistant.

Package Includes:

1 x roller left bracket
1 x roller right bracket
6 x scooters
4 x socket head screws (M5 x 30)
4 x socket head screws (M5 x 14)
16 x socket head screws (M5 x 12)
4 x backing plate

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