Creality 3D® Ender 3 V2/Pro Filament Runout Sensor + Mounting Bracket

Creality 3DSKU: 12522

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This innovative filament runout sensor is designed to detect when your filament has run out, pause your print and alert you so you can quickly change the filament spool. The included mounting bracket ensures easy installation and a secure fit. With this sensor, you can keep your prints running smoothly and worry-free.

Compatible with:

✔️ Ender-3
✔️ Ender-3S
✔️ Ender-3 Pro
✔️ Ender-3 V2
✔️ Ender-3 Max
✔️ Ender-6
✔️ CR-10 V2
✔️ CR-10 V3
✔️ CR-10S Pro
✔️ CR-10S Pro V2
✔️ CR-10 Max

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