Pheatus Dragonfly All Metal Hotend (Up to 500℃) Bimetal Heatbreak V6 Heat Block - Black

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Ultra High Temperature All Metal Hotend - Equipped with fast heating copper alloy components, DragonFly BMO 3D printer hotend is able to keep printing filament consistently at high temps.

Unique Cooling Design - Conical fitting of heatbreak and Aluminium heat sink enable this hotend to give out a better heat dissipation.

Compatible with all V6 hotend design as well as BMG and titan design, Dragonfly BMO can install on Prusa i3, Prusa MK3 as a high configuration choice for present 3D printer owners.

Package Includes:
1 x Pheatus DragonFly BMO Hotend Kit (Black)

Please Note:
Thermistor / heater cartridge not included

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