Tronxy Direct Drive Extruder Update Kit for X5SA,X5SA Pro, X5SA-400 Pro X5SA-500 Pro


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Tronxy Direct Drive Extruder Update Kit X5SA,X5SA Pro, X5SA-400 Pro X5SA-500 Pro


✔️ Allows you to print flexible filaments such as TPU

✔️ Suitable for X5SA series 3D printers, The feeding distance is short, the resistance is small, the torque requirement of the stepping motor for extrusion is small, the distance between the extruder and the nozzle is close, and the material change is easier.

✔️ The extruder and the nozzle do not need to be connected with Teflon pipes and pneumatic connectors, which reduces failures compared with remote extrusion

✔️ Consumables and Teflon tubing have a certain degree of flexibility, and the general pneumatic joints also have a certain amount of movement space, so the required retraction distance and speed are greater, and the short-distance extrusion retraction is more accurate

Package Includes:

1 x Tronxy Direct Drive Extruder Update Kit

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