Creality 3D® Digital Filament Spool Holder for Ender-3 / Ender-5 / CR-10 Series

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Accurately Measure Remaining Filament Weight:

The Spool C Rack Kit can accurately measure and display the remaining quality of the filament, and then compare it with the filament quality required by the slicing software. It can determine whether the remaining filament can print a complete model, so as to avoid insufficient filament and unable to print a complete model.

Built-in Bearing Smoother Feeding:

The spool rack has built-in bearings to reduce feeding resistance of the extruder, making the feeding process smoother.

Large Diameter Roll Design Reduces Shaking:

The large diameter roller design fits better with the filament spool, reducing the large shaking of the filament and helping the printer run smoothly.

High Brightness Digital Tube Display, Intuitive and Cool:

It uses a high-brightness digital tube display to display the weight, and the overall appearance is simple and elegant, intuitive and cool, and the filament weight is easy to read.

Simple Operation Easy Installation:

One-button touch operation, concise interface, simple operation logic. Easy installation and wide adaptability.

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