High Temperature Silicone Heated Bed Heating Pad 12V 120W (120mm x 120mm)

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This 120mm x 120mm heating pad utilizes a high temperature silicone construction to enable up to 120W of heat output at a stable 12V. It's ideal for 3D printing and other precise heating applications.


✔️ Silicone hot bed has high thermal efficiency conversion and very fast heating speed
✔️ Low power and high temperature, saving energy and costs
✔️ Adhesive backing offers simple and quick installation
✔️ Stable performance and uniform heat transfer
✔️ Silicone is corrosion resistant, wear resistant and has a long life


Colour: Orange
Material: Silicone
Voltage: 12V / 120W
Size: 120 * 120mm / 4.7 * 4.7in
Weight: approx. 100g


1. The continuous working temperature should be lower than 200 °C.
2. The limit temperature of the silicone heating plate is about 200 degrees. When the temperature exceeds this standard, the heating plate is easily burned out. The silicone heating plate can't be put into the water. It doesn't matter if the surface is stained with water during use.
3. The silicone pad heats up quickly, please take anti-scalding measures!

Package Includes:

1 x High Temperature Silicone Heated Bed (120 x 120mm)

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