Black Aluminium MK8 All Metal Extruder Upgrade for Ender 3/Pro/V2/CR-10/CR-10 Pro V2

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This black aluminium MK8 all metal extruder is designed to provide a smoother, more precise filament feed and a better overall printing experience. The all-metal construction ensures a durable and reliable performance. It also features an adjustable tensioner to control the tension of the filament. With this upgrade, you can expect improved printing quality and fewer jams.

This design gives complete support of flexible's from the intake and output ends. It will also allow you to print faster with sustained quality and no risk of grinding the filament.

Frankly, it looks amazing, and performs better than the plastic version included in stock printers.

Also included is an upgraded bowden tube fitting, which does not slip, as the stock one can. Every screw and washer we would recommend for this installation is included. Also works great on TEVO Tarantula i3, Anycubic Kossel i3 Mega, FLSUN i3, MP Select and other bowden extrusion 3D printers.


✔️ Made of high quality aluminium
✔️ Easy and convenient to use
✔️ High quality and durable performance
✔️ Colour: Black
✔️ Filament: 1.75mm

Package Includes:

1 x MK8 Extruder Upgrade Kit (Black)

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