BIGTREETECH® EZ2209 Stepper Motor Drivers + Connectors for SKR 3 EZ Motherboard (Pack of 5)

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Introducing the BIGTREETECH® EZ2209 Stepper Motor Drivers for SKR 3 EZ Motherboard. This pack of 5 drivers is perfect for those looking to upgrade their 3D printer's motion control. The EZ2209 drivers are designed to work with the SKR 3 EZ Motherboard, providing you with reliable and accurate motion control. With a maximum current of 2.2A and a peak current of 4.5A, these drivers offer a smooth and precise motion control experience. The drivers are also equipped with a built-in over-temperature protection feature to keep your 3D printer running safely. Get your pack of 5 BIGTREETECH® EZ2209 Stepper Motor Drivers for SKR 3 EZ Motherboard today and upgrade your 3D printer's motion control!


✔️ Dimensions: 18.5mm x 19.8mm
✔️ Input voltage: 12V-24V DC
✔️ Continuous drive current: 2A
✔️ Sensing Resistance: 0.11Ohm
✔️ Max. Microstep 256
✔️ Configuration via UART
✔️ Stallguard-TMC2209 provides load and speed loss detection technology
✔️ Coolstep-TMC2209 offers dynamic control technology that saves up to 75% energy
✔️ StealthChop2 - for silent operation and smooth movement
✔️ SpreadCycle - highly dynamic motor control chopper
✔️ CoolStep - current control for energy saving
✔️ StallGuard4 - sensorless engine load detection

More information, firmware and instructions are available here

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