Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder with Hotend for Linear Rail Setup (M2605)

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Micro Swiss Direct Drive Extruder with Hotend Configured for Linear Rail System (M2605)

✔️ No modification required, simple plug and play
✔️ No printed brackets or sandwiches


✔️ Dual-drive train
✔️ Hardened tool steel, CNC precision cut gears
✔️ Adjustable filament grip
✔️ Easy filament loading
✔️ Short, highly constrained filament path
✔️ Prints flexible filaments with high speed and accuracy
✔️ Outstanding extrusion control
✔️ Lightweight aluminium body

Made in USA by Micro Swiss


✔️ Printers with MGN12 Linear Rail with MGN12H Carriage Block
✔️ Only for printers with bottom belt mounting position

What's in the Box?

1 x Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend
1 x Main Extruder body
1 x Linear Rail mounting bracket
1 x Extruder Lever
1 x Spring Pin
1 x Spring
2 x Gears
1 x Tension Knob
1 x Shoulder Pin
1 x Extension Cable
3 x M3 x .5 x 6mm Motor Mounting Screws
4 x M3 x .5 x 8mm Linear Rail bracket mounting screws
2 x M3 x .5 x 10mm Screws
2 x M3 x .5 Nuts
5 x Zip Ties
1 x Printed Bracket
1 x Bevelled Capricorn Liner

Stepper Motor, Linear Rail and Carriage Block are NOT included


Installation Instructions - PDF

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