Creality 3D® Water Cooling Kit - Ender-3 S1, S1 Plus, S1 Pro, and CR-10 Smart Pro

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Boasting a maximum sound level of 45dB, this ultra-quiet Creality 3D water-cooling kit enables smooth 3D printing with minimal noise. Highly resilient, it enhances 3D printing with ABS and PETG by optimizing the hotend's cool zone, enhancing heat dissipation by up to 20%. Compatible with the Creality Ender-3 S1, S1 Plus, S1 Pro, and CR-10 Smart Pro, the kit is a convenient upgrade to the Sprite extruder, allowing users to quickly switch between air cooling and water cooling.


✔️ Efficient Heat Dissipation
✔️ Ultra silent
✔️ Durable & Long-lasting
✔️ Up to 20% better cooling

Package Includes:

1 x Silent centrifugal pump
1 x Heat sink
1 x Power adapter Tubing
2 x clamp Fixing kit

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