Micro Swiss High Performance Brass Coated Nozzle for Ender 7 / Ender-5 S1 + Spider Hotend (0.4mm / 1.75mm)

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Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
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Micro Swiss High-performance 0.4mm brass-coated nozzle.


✔️ Wear-resistant
✔️ Durable nozzle
✔️ Extra hardened
✔️ Ender 5-S1 / Ender-7 / Spider hotend
✔️ Prints abrasives

Enjoy 3D printing even more with the Micro Swiss Coated Nozzle. Upgrade your Ender-7 3D printer and create premium 3D models with the long-lasting coated nozzle. This very durable nozzle with TwinClad XT coating by Micro Swiss enables you to get the best print and is specifically designed to be able to handle abrasive filaments.

This is the perfect upgrade for your Creality Ender-7 printer, which has a different nozzle style. Once installed, you will be able to create high-quality parts and prototypes with abrasive filaments.

Thanks to the TwinClad XT Coating, a nickel-based composite, the nozzle has unique smoothness. This guarantees limited friction when filaments are being extruded, keeping the nozzle in the best condition. Furthermore, the hardened coating ensures great wear resistance. This nozzle will not need to be replaced frequently in comparison to regular nozzles.

The Micro Swiss Coated nozzle is the ideal nozzle to use when working with abrasives like Carbon fiber filament and wood-filled filament. The coated nozzle will be able to handle the small infused particles, lasting long while offering spectacular 3D printing results. Compatible with Creality Ender-7 Creality Spider Hot End Creality Ender-5 S1

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