3D Pen Black w/ LCD Display (Pro Version)


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This 3D pen is the perfect tool for creative minds! It uses 1.75mm filament (PLA sample included) and can print at different temperatures. The Pro version of this 3D pen has a sleek black design and an LCD display that makes it easy to adjust settings and monitor your progress. The pen is lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to create 3D art with ease. The advanced technology allows for precise control and accuracy when drawing, allowing you to create detailed models, sculptures, and other works of art. With this 3D pen, you can bring your creative ideas to life with ease!


✔️ LCD Screen
✔️ Temperature adjustable
✔️ Suitable for PLA, ABS and PETG
✔️ 8 speed settings
✔️ 2 print settings, continuous or short
✔️ Desktop stand included
✔️ Power adapter included
✔️ 2 small samples of PLA included

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