External Thermocouple Breakout Board, Version 1.2

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Small PCB to conveniently add support for a thermocouple to your 3D printer. Works with 5V electronics up to 400 degrees and is supported by all major firmware.

If you need a third extruder with thermocouple sensor for Megatronics or one for your RAMPS, you can use this board. Actually, it can be hooked up with any electronics, as long as you have a free analog input. Due to the nature of the AD597 chip, 3V is not supported.


✔️ Easy to install
✔️ Very small design (25x25mm)
✔️ Compatible with Megatronics and RAMPS.

Connect the + to 5V, - to V- and S to any free analog pin on your board.


Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 12mm
Colour: Black
Operating Voltage: 5V

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