BIGTREETECH E3 RRF 32-Bit 3D Printer Motherboard V1.1

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The BIGTREETECH E3 RRF V1.1 motherboard is a user-friendly control board that has been developed specifically for Creality 3D printers. With this control board, you will be able to easily hook up additional features to your 3D printer. Explore the upgrade that will transform your 3D printer!

Boost your Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 5, and CR 10 3D printer with a swift and useful upgrade that will significantly increase your machine’s performance. This controller board is ideal for adding components to your 3D printer for better precision and overall printing quality. Thanks to the 32-bit processor, a variety of peripherals can be installed. Increase your printing accuracy by installing the BLTouch auto bed leveling sensors and dual Z-axis motors. Save on time and cut down on costs with a filament sensor that will ensure no filament is wasted during a 3D print. With this control board, you can also control an RGB led strip. Manage your 3D printing from a distance with the installable remote control possibilities for your 3D printer with the useful WiFi support. Furthermore, the control board comes with Ender 3 firmware, however different firmware can be uploaded and optimized. 

Add a range of modifications of your choice to benefit your 3D printing project! The BigTreeTech E3 RRF V1.1 control board has great compatibility with all BigTreeTech screens as well as many LCD screens by Creality 3D, Marlin, and RepRapFirmware. The control board has a four-layer safe design and can be placed in the original slot of your 3D printer. Operate efficiently as possible with a super-fast controller board.

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