1pc Volcano Silicone Hot End Sock Cover E3D 3D Printers High-Temperature Non-Stick

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High-temperature non-stick silicone sock for the E3D Volcano and other HotEnds, which also use a heating block in volcano style with a thermistor cartridge.


These socks keep your nozzle clean and free from burnt, blackened plastic. They not only keep the nozzle clean, but also the heat inside the HotEnd and outside of the pressure. Made from a heat-resistant, non-stick coated silicone material that prevents the formation of molten plastic. This helps with sticky materials such as copolyesters and filled materials that like to build on nozzles.

Silicone socks also offer a huge increase in temperature stability, especially if you use high airflow cooling around the nozzle to cool the pressure. The possibility of cooling in combination with reduced heat radiation from the block and the nozzle to the pressure increases the ability to print large overhangs and bridges and at the same time keeps the hot end temperature extremely stable.

The covers are simply pushed onto the front of an E3D HotEnd without disassembly - they fit snugly when pushed on cold first, but when they are hot, the silicone expands to the correct size and fits perfectly on the hotend. The elastic material fits all nozzle sizes in the range from 0.4mm to 1.2mm.

When using abrasive filaments, the life of the socks decreases from 100 printing hours. Life expectancy is significantly higher when using PLA and ABS filaments.

Package Includes:

1 x Volcano Silicone Sock (Black)

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