Spring Steel Build Plate with PEI + Magnetic Mounting Base for CR-10/CR-X/MP Maker Pro 3D Printer (310*310mm)


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Spring Steel Build Plate with PEI + Magnetic Mounting Base for CR-10/10S Pro/CR-X/MP Maker Pro 3D Printer (310*310mm)


1. Wipe the print surface before and after a print with isopropyl alcohol to maintain a clean surface for maximum bed adhesion strength.

2. As with any build surface, make sure you are not printing too close to the bed to avoid possibly infusing the filament into the build surface.

3. If printing PETG, TPU, TPE, and RYNO, make sure the bed is heated BEFORE attempting to remove the print from the bed.

Print reference temperature:

1. PLA:
Hot bed: 60-75 ° C
Nozzle: 200-210 ° C

2. ABS: (Not suitable)
Hot bed: Nozzle: 240-250 ° C

3. PETG:
Hot bed: 70-90 ° C
Nozzle: 240-250 ° C

4. TPU:
Hot bed: 50-60 ° C
Nozzle: 200-220 ° C

5. Wood:
Hot bed: 60-80 ° C
Nozzle: 200-220 ° C

Package Includes:

1 x Spring Steel Sheet + PEI
1 x Magnetic Platform Side B

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